Mobile banking and the Transformation of Businesses

Mobile banking and the Transformation of Businesses

Jun 18

Mobile banking is a technological solution that allows a bank account holder to conduct financial transactions through a mobile phone or other capable mobile device. In 1999, some European banks were offering mobile services through Short Messaging Service (sms banking). Currently, mobile banking allows one to access and query their bank account, transfer money between different accounts, pay bills, deposit and withdraw money at ATMs and many other convenient functions.
The biggest impact of mobile banking, however, has been the transformation of small and medium size businesses. Opening an account used to be the preserve of a few and one had to have a regular income to maintain their account. With mobile banking, all one needs is a mobile phone and a SIM card, a quick visit to the nearest bank branch for registration (where there will typically be no charge) and they are good to go.
This simplification brought massive numbers of informally employed people and rural communities into the banking system and spurred the growth of micro lending. Credit is an engine of growth and easier access to micro loans empowered many people to start self supporting ventures. Repayments can be made cheaply and remotely. Banks like Grameen Bank of India and Equity bank of Kenya are examples of micro lending institutions that are experiencing exponential growth due to mobile banking.
Mobile banking has enabled faster money transfers between businesses and deals can be paid for instantaneously leading to improved response times to customers.

News from live television shows

News from live television shows

May 03

The use of television networks as a source of news has been used for long. There are many television networks which will deliver real time news in specified time. They will hire a team of competent journalists who will be sent to different parts of the world to cover occurrences. Journalists will make video and audio recordings which are sent to the media editing team. They will decide on the information to be reported to the public. The expected response will determine how coverage is done.

Political events are the major area of concentration. These include elections in a country, bilateral agreements as well as multinational interactions. The leader will be accompanied by a team of journalists who represent specific media stations. The increased world integration has led to many international trips by the leaders. As a result media will report all these events from all parents of the world. Political unrest and civil war are also a major area of concentration. The fighting parties will look for independent media stations to give their side of the story. Coverage done by television stations proves to be a great tool.

World business forums will also hit the top of every television station. The signing of agreements between bodies will be covered by their journalists. These include annual general meeting for world organizations such as NGOs. Loans and financial grants by states to their affiliates will not be left out. The world trends in living standards have recently drawn a great media attention. This includes human and animal rights. Areas shackled by unfavorable cultures will also be a concern all world leaders. They will therefore be covered widely by media stations.

News magazines

News magazines

Apr 23

The delivery of news from magazines has been practiced for long. These include coverage of events, analysis as well as prescriptions. They range from health, motor vehicles, celebrities, family and sporting magazines. Each is dedicated to a specific area where they emphasize on excellence coverage.

Health magazines will focus on looking for most recent information on nutrition and healthy living. They cover real-time stories as a sample of the whole population they target. These include foods to help people keep physically fit. They will cover importance physical exercise and their benefit to every reader. The increased use of supplements is not left behind. They will engage professionals who write a detailed analysis of the effects of these supplements in the diet. They will also offer a column for public opinion where they publish the feedback from their audience.

Increased rates of lifestyle diseases have led to the emergence of personal medical providers. This includes doctors and therapists. They have columns in health magazines where they inform the audience about the ways of prevention, living and cure of these diseases. They will cover scientific facts on the disease in a simplified language for the target audience to comprehend. Their services are highly relied on by the readers. The information offered will face public scrutiny. This comes as reader’s opinion after they have followed the given instructions. Individuals looking for marketing chances will find these magazines important. They will advertise their goods alongside the articles by professionals. For instance, nutritional products will be advertised in the columns which cover healthy diets.

The Rise and Death of 3D TV

The Rise and Death of 3D TV

Mar 03

As recently as 2010, 3D was all the rage and the promise of an immersive three dimensional experience excited many people. The release and subsequent success of Hollywood blockbusters like 3D film Avatar indicated greater things to come. DisplaySearch, a display market research company, projected unit sales exceeding 90 million by 2014. Broadcasters like the BBC and ESPN even started offering 3D broadcasts.

Three years down the line and BBC have shut down its 3D division, ESPN is shutting its service by the end of the year and 3D TV sales are going through the floor. What happened to such a promising form of display technology? The facts are varied and I will highlight some:

Eyestrains and headaches
According to a 2010 Nielsen Co study, over 25% of those interviewed complained of headaches resulting from watching 3D TV, especially at home. The sheer amount of information and alteration of reality meant viewers got overwhelmed and this caused them disorientation and discomfort.

Many people found that wearing 3D goggles for home viewing was impractical and inconvenient to their comfort.

Incompatibility with existing player capabilities
3D content must be filmed, played and displayed through 3D capable devices. So, buying a 3D TV meant buying a new player for DVDs and movies shot in 3D.

Lack of Content
The ultimate killer of the format was that there just wasn’t enough 3D content on the market (even Hollywood gave up) so the display was used in 2D instead.

The Smartphone Revolution

The Smartphone Revolution

Feb 03

Cell phones have been evolving exponentially since Motorola unveiled the first handheld mobile phone in April, 1973. The phone allowed half an hour of talk time and charged for ten hours. The phone had no other function except for calling.

Today’s gizmos can do an amazing range of tasks; calling, texting, surfing the web, document viewing and a range of other applications through application programs (apps). The apps are the latest craze on the Smartphone. Apps are short programs tailor made to carry out particular functions using the operating system on the phone.

A simple example is the Gmail app which enables the user to access their email in one click of the an icon on the phone display as opposed to manually searching and logging into their account on a web browser. This type of app simplifies access to websites and functions on the phone and includes apps for Skype, online retail stores like eBay, social sites like twitter and many others.

There are apps for games like Angry Birds, apps for brain training exercises like Lumosity on the iPhone among others. These apps open programs. The vast majority of apps however, are tools to perform specific jobs and there are literally thousands of amazing things they can do; apps that can diagnose air quality (Breathometer), test water for impurities, apps that read your fingerprints and even Omnio, an app that could make a medical diagnosis.

These apps have simplified access to information and that can only lead to more innovation.

Top news websites for entertainment

Top news websites for entertainment

Jan 27

There is a high demand for news delivery in the digital world. The need to integrate the world has led to more methods of news delivery. People are eager to know about all parts of the world as they seek to expand their activities in these areas. The major events are covered by live television stations, FM radios, social sites as well as websites. Rapid growth is being experienced in websites news delivery as they are more convenient to all online users.

Entertainment websites will cover the world of music, poetry, movies among others. They will follow the events organized for specific celebrities and their fans. There are numerous genres of music and movies. This has led to emergence of specialized websites which will focus on a specific genre of music. They include Rock, Jazz, Hip hop among others.

The increased love of music has led to rapid growth in music production and marketing. This has in turn led to rapid growth in the number of music news websites. Celebrity life will be closely followed by these web sites. They will seek to report each action and plans they have for their supporters. Some production houses will own personal sites. They will offer information on every song or album they release.

The Websites linked to entertainment television channels will also offer valuable information on music trends. Since they are in direct contact with the fans, they are responsible for popularizing the released music. They will also offer producers a chance to know the feelings of their fans. There are music charts which will offer the top music in a specific genre. They will rate them in systems such as world top ten hits, annual top ten hits and most downloaded music in a week.